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Love on Your Side OUT NOW!

I am so excited to tell you all that my newest song, Love on Your Side, is now available on iTunes!  I have been dying to release new music and I am so thrilled with how this came out.

This is the first song I've released since being on The Voice and because of that, it feels like the first step into the next chapter.  I'm so excited to have you all with me.  I feel like we've been on this journey together and I'm really looking forward to finding out where it takes us.

First things first!

Head over to iTunes and download the song, and don't forget to post a screenshot of your download on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #loveonyourside AND tag me in the picture!  Let's really get the word out there together and get this song heard!  I'll also be following back anyone who does this today to say thank you 

I am really proud of how this song came out and I hope you all enjoy listening!

Owen Danoff - vocals, bass
Mike Squillante - vocals, guitar, keyboards, production
Ben Marino - vocals, drums, percussion
Nick Squillante - vocals, production, engineering, mixing, mastering

Painting by Lina Janusas


Love on Your Side art

Let me know what you think!! #loveonyourside