owen danoff

Opening for the Proclaimers

Ah, the Birchmere.  It's one of the best venues in the D.C. area, boasting an incredible list of past performers.  Emmylou Harris, Dave Matthews, Mumford & Sons, and many, many more have all been on the Birchmere stage.  I am honored every time I get the chance to play there, and on Tuesday, April 16th, I sang my songs there for the third time.  


In short, the opener for the Proclaimers (of whom I have been a fan for years) ended up unable to make the show, and I was called in as a replacement.  The night that followed was one of the best gig nights I've had.  From meeting and being complemented by the Proclaimers to debuting a new song to having to sprint to the dressing room to grab more CDs for people to signing a ton of autographs, the night was a success all around. 


Thank you Birchmere, thank you Proclaimers, and thank you, everyone who was there that night.  It was an honor and a privilege.

- Owen



Have I Ever Fallen



Never Been Kissed

I Wish I Knew Better (new, first performance)