owen danoff

Return to the Birchmere and Rob Earl Keen

My plans for last night were simple.  Go to Bethesda MD, get some food, kill some time, and head over to the Strathmore Mansion to see my fellow Strathmore Artist in Residence Deborah Bond perform.  Instead, at about 6:00 p.m., while waiting alone at my table in Five Guys for my food to be ready, I received a phone call from the a friend at the Birchmere.  He said that the opener for that night came down with the flu and rushed off the stage at soundcheck due to something flu-related, and could I maybe make it over to the Birchmere to open for Robert Earl Keen by 7:30?





It was so much fun to play at the Birchmere again.  I still think of the last time two summers ago when I opened for Kasey Chambers.  Thank you, Robert, for having me, and thank you, Birchmere, for calling me.  


- Owen, the temp.