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Twelve Stories OUT NOW!!

Twelve Stories is finally here.  It's been just under a year since I launched the Kickstarter campaign for my first full-length album, and today it's officially out.  Even the newest of these songs is a year old at this point, and I have been itching for you all to hear them.  I feel like a great weight has been lifted, replaced with the nervous energy I get right before I walk on stage.  I suppose it's sort of the same thing.  My album is available to the world for the first time, and just like when I'm about to play a show, I'm a little nervous about winning over the audience.

This album is a collection of things both old and new.  There are old songs, new songs, old friends, and people I've always wanted to work with that all came together to make this happen.  Every single person involved brought their own experience and style toTwelve Stories and this confluence makes it really special.  I'm going to put the album credits on my website, so please head over there and check them out.  There are lots of special guests, including some Foo Fighters.

This album has been waiting to come out since I started writing songs at fifteen.  I could write about it for hours, but at this point I think I'm just going to let you create your own experience with it; now that it's out there, mine is secondary.  I hope you get a chance to listen to Twelve Stories and find out what it means to you.

Get it at the store here!

It took a ton of people to put this album together (even before including the 246 Kickstarter backers), and I'd like to mention a few of them here.  These are the album credits:



Owen Danoff - Vocals, bass, acoustic guitar on "I Wish I Knew Better" & "What You Mean To Me", electric guitar on "Abandon Ship"

Mike Squillante - Vocals, rhythm guitar, bass on "I Wish I Knew Better" & "Abandon Ship", trumpet

Adrien Godat - Lead guitar

Miles Nasta - Drums, percussion

Rami Jaffee - Keyboards

Chris Shiflett - Lead guitar on "Hollywood"

Isabelle de Leon - Drums on "Amsterdam"

Carol Jarvis - Trombone

Mark White - Saxophone

Emma Danoff - Vocals on "Hollywood"

Integriti Reeves - Vocals on "Amsterdam"

Alec Milewski - Vocals on "Juliette" and "Never Been Kissed"

Spencer Broschard - Vocals on "Juliette" and "Never Been Kissed"

Julie Lavery - Vocals on "Juliette"

Katy Eggleton - Vocals on "Never Been Kissed"

Mark Williams - Divebomb on "Juliette"


Recorded At 

Sear Sound (Basic tracks) - Ted Paduck, Ted Tuthill, Owen Mulholland (engineers)

Sucker Punch (Guitar/Percussion overdubs) - Mark Williams (engineer)

Fonogenic (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards) - Josh Stuebe (engineer)


Produced By

Owen Danoff

Nathan Fillion

Mike Squillante

Adrien Godat


 Mixed By

Gus Berry


 Mastered By

Mike Monseur at Bias Studios


CDs By

Owen Danoff (Art & design)

Oasis Manufacturing (Duplication)


Photos By

Hallie Eisenberg

Owen Danoff


Special Thanks

Aaron Burr

Bill & Joan Danoff

Mary Kate Cranston

Sarah Varda

Angélique Mialon

Anastasia Stewart Chunilal

Kirsten Vangsness

Peter Danoff

The Massachusetts Danoffs

Barbara Browning

Nathan Fillion

All of the Kickstarter backers.  You really, truly, made this happen.  I hope you love this album; it is yours as much as mine.